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At your very first appointment, you'll discover exactly what we mean by "Refreshingly Different Dentistry". You will receive a truly comprehensive assessment where we take our time in getting to know you and your smile. After the check-up we let you know exactly what is happening with your teeth, gums and jaw. Then, together we will review all options and arrange a plan that suits your needs and budget. When it comes to your teeth, you're in charge. We are here to assist and advise every step of the way.


Neo Dental is unlike any other dental office you have visited. From the moment you walk into our bright, welcoming office you'll notice our gallery of bold, original artwork. This artwork isn't simply decoration, it is a part of who we are: Original, vibrant, different and refreshingly optimistic. 


Of course, at Neo Dental we offer a full menu of dental services. From check-ups to braces, cosmetics to dental implants. We have also earned a reputation for being the headache and TMJ clinic of choice for people who have almost given up on living pain-free. 


At the head of our team is Dr. Thordarson. Dr. Thordarson is a talented and caring dentist who has served thousands of loyal clients in over 25 years of practice. With over 20 high-level additional certifications, and over 5,000 hours of additional dental specialty training, Dr. Thordarson will deliver dental care that meets even the highest patient standards.


A specialty of Dr. Thordarson and the whole NeoDental team? Smile makeovers, advanced and complex reconstructions and dental implant services.  


People arrive in our office and are delighted by the caring and personal welcome and they leave with a deep sense of having found a dental office where they feel truly at home. 



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