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Nick's Letter to Dr. Thordarson after his dental implants.

A letter from Nick

June 2010


On June 11th my life changed irrevocably!


This was the day that Dr Thordarson and his excellent team implanted

my dentures in a new procedure that has just become available and avoids

the need to be toothless for six months or more – a revolution in dentistry!

All my life I have had trouble with my teeth that were large, yellow and protruding – a result of genetics and of growing up in wartime England where food was rationed and many things that North Americans take for granted were just not available. I tasted my first ice cream at the age of seven – and only then because my aunt was working for a dairy that started producing ice cream when the sugar rationing was revoked. To this day, I have no great love of ice cream, although I do occasionally indulge if I can get a coffee or mocha flavored one! At school I was teased about my buck teeth and one dentist that I was taken to made me hold a large tiddly-wink by its extreme edge between my lips in an attempt to strengthen my upper lip and thus cover the offending teeth. It didn’t help. My older brother had all his teeth out at the ripe old age of twenty-one and both my parents had full dentures.

But enough of the negative! Today, I can smile without having to put a hand to my mouth, I can have my photograph taken with my lips parted and not be embarrassed by the resulting pictures, I can laugh out loud and proudly display my new teeth – it may not seem much to you, but to me it is like a new lease on life – and I exaggerate not! And, of course mealtimes are enjoyable once more.

Was the process painful? NO, uncomfortable for a short time? YES, worth the temporary discomfort? YOU BET!!!

I found Dr Thordarson to be one of the gentlest dentists I have ever experienced (and I have experienced many) continually asking if I was comfortable, adding more freezing at the slightest hint of discomfort and his team of assistants and support staff were at all times supportive and encouraging.

The only difficulty has been finding adequate words of thanks for Doctor Stephen and his team – “THANK YOU SO MUCH” doesn’t even come close!!!

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