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Why Do I Need to Guard my Mouth?

A mouth guard is a flexible appliance that should be worn when participating in athletic and recreational activities to protect teeth from trauma. Wearing a mouth guard can prevent serious injuries such as broken teeth, jaw fractures, cerebral haemorrhage and neck injuries by helping to avoid situations where the lower jaw gets jammed into the upper jaw. Mouth guards are effective in moving soft tissue in the oral cavity away from the teeth, preventing laceration and bruising of the lips and cheeks, especially for those who wear orthodontic appliances. They may also reduce the severity and incidence of concussions.

mouth guard

Mouth guards should be worn anytime there is a risk for contact with other participants or hard surfaces such as basketball, hockey, baseball, football, wrestling/boxing, soccer, lacrosse, rugby, martial arts, skateboarding, biking…Dr. Steve’s and the Neo Dental’s advice? It is better safe than sorry – wear your mouth guard! At Neo Dental we will custom fit a mouth guard for you so you can play with full confidence.

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