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What Toothpaste Should I Use?

Blog Post on Toothpaste Written by Neo Dental staff

Keep your teeth, gums and tongues clean is a vital complement of oral health – in fact, the Canadian Dental Association (CDA) recommends brushing your teeth after each meal (and at least once a day). Brushing your teeth removes all the bacteria and plaque that builds up when you eat, so the question is, are you going to have a healthier mouth depending on the toothpaste you use?

The answer isn’t simple. It is important to note that the brand of toothpaste does not matter if you do not have healthy techniques and practice (e.g. brushing properly daily). However, there any many different types of toothpaste created for different consumers – for example, if you have sensitive teeth, Sensodyne may actually be a better choice for you then regular Colgate because it addresses sensitivity issues. To understand toothpaste, one needs to understand the components involved. (see below)

Toothpaste 101

Fluoride: Fluoride is the most important component of toothpaste (although not all toothpaste contains fluoride). In fact, it is the primary reason tooth decay and cavities have dramatically declined over the past 50 years. This naturally occurring mineral protects your teeth when you eat by stregnthing tooth enamel.

Artifical Sweeteners: Manufactors add saccharin and other ingredients to make the taste of toothpaste better.

Humetants: Ever wonder how your toothpaste doesn’t dry out in the tube? Without the moisture retention of humectants, your mouth would dry too soon. Manufactors also add thickeners to make sure that the actual substance maintains a goey form.

Silicates: a mineral that helps to whiten your teeth. If you have yellow teeth, you’ll want a brand with ah iger number of silicates.

So back to the original question --- is there a toothpaste that is known as being the best? No. However, when choosing a toothpaste, we recommend to choose a product with the highest amount of fluoride. Without a prescription, you’re looking for a brand that’s at least 1,000 parts per million (PPM). A product with the CDA Seal has received independent review and validation of its product claims.

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