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Packing Tooth-Friendly Lunches

It's the new year and kids will be going back to school shortly. Here are some tips on packing tooth-friendly lunches (brought to you by the HuffPost).

Protein Power:

Easy sources of protein can include chicken, turkey or ham deli slices, or even a bowl of chicken soup. These protein-rich foods help build tooth enamel.

Vitamin A-B-C's:

Look for foods that are high in vitamins A, C and D to keep gums healthy and aid in the absorption of calcium and protein--two key ingredients needed to make strong teeth. Oranges, kiwis, red peppers, tuna and hard-boiled eggs are both kid and dentist approved.

Calcium-Rich Foods:

Cheese, milk and yogurt give your teeth and jaw bone the strength they need. Studies show that cheddar cheese and milk also help to neutralize acid that is created by bacteria.

Crunchy Bacteria Fighters:

Fruits and veggies like carrots, celery and pears require you to chew more which, in turn, creates more saliva and helps to kill the bad bacteria in your mouth. There's a reason why apples are nature's toothbrush!

Wondrous Water:

Just like us adults, your kids shouldn't be drinking their calories, either. Make sure to pack them water as their beverage. Water helps rinse away bacteria and food leftovers in the mouth to keep it clean; plus, it keeps the mouth moist to prevent bad breath. Don't be tempted by labels that read "100 per cent pure fruit juice" -- they tend to carry far more sugar then you'd think. If your children refuse to drink water, try infusing it with their favorite fruit, or as a last resort, water down their juice.

For more information or if you have any questions, please send us a message.

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